Willow Street/Strasburg
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Mechanic Grove
Mount Vernon
New Providence
Willow Street

New Danville District
New Danville
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Executive Board

Vernon Myers – Chair
Bob Musser – Vice Chair
Almeda Shenk – Treasurer
Mim Leaman – Secretary

The Beginning of Main Street Closet

The first MCC ReUzit Shop in the USA opened January 1974 in Bluffton, Ohio. On October 20, 1997, New Danville Mennonite Church hosted a meeting organized by MCC to discuss the possibility of opening a ReUzit Shop in the southern half of Lancaster County. Representatives from the two districts listed on the left provided the leadership for a new ReUzit Shop and the first formal board meeting was held February 2, 1999. A decision was made to lease the former Groff’s Flower’s building located at 141 E. Main Street, Strasburg. Wendy Eby, who had worked at Groff’s Flowers, was hired to manage the new ReUzit Shop. Renovations were made to convert the building from a flower shop to a Reuzit Shop. Many of the needed items like racks, hangers, shelves, and appliances were donated. Notices were placed in the district churches mailboxes asking for volunteers, donated clothing and housewares. The store opened for business on Monday April 12, 1999.

The Continuation of Main Street Closet

  • Feb. 1999 – A 5 year lease was signed with the property owner.
  • Dec. 2003 – Sales have been increasing each year.
  • Feb. 2004 – Another 5 year lease was signed with the property owner.
  • Jan. 2008 – Board discussion about whether to stay or relocate. While commenting that more space would be desirable, most preferred to stay.
  • Feb. 2008 – Another 5 year lease was signed with the property owner. The current lease had one year left so this extended the lease until February, 2014.
  • Nov. 2009 – Strasburg bypass opened and as a result, less traffic past the store.
  • Jan. 2011 – Sales have decreased the last two years. The board called a special meeting.
  • Mar. 2011 – Special board meeting at Strasburg Mennonite Church with Linda Geissinger, the East Coast development coordinator for MCC ReUzit Shops.
  • Apr. 2011 – The board decided to begin the relocation process to a larger building.
  • Apr. 2012 – The former Darrenkamp grocery store building in Willow Street was considered as a possibility.
  • Sep. 2013 – Main Street Closet purchased the building at 2842 Willow Street Pike.
  • Mar. 2014 – The Strasburg store closed the end of the month.
  • Apr. 2014 – The Willow Street store opened on Saturday, April 12.
  • Mar. 2016 – The retail area was expanded approximately 2,000 square feet by renovating the south side. The larger store (now 7,000 square feet of retail area) opened on March 30.
  • Over $1,000,000 has been given to MCC since its beginning.

Mennonite Central Committee – a worldwide ministry of Anabaptist churches – shares God’s love and compassion for all in the name of Christ by responding to basic human needs and working for peace and justice.