Remodeling Project at 2842 Willow Street Pike

You can keep abreast of the renovation project at the former Darrenkamp building by checking for updates on this page. Each update will have a paragraph describing what action has been done and will have a link to a slideshow of pictures. Each picture will have a small description explaining the photo.

Update Number 9
Opening Day

Finally the big day has arrived. The construction phase is finished, the merchandise from the Strasburg store has been arranged plus many items from storage. Many volunteers worked throughout the day to keep things running smoothly.

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Update Number 8
Moving Week

An occupancy permit has been granted. The Strasburg store is closed and the items are moved to the new store. With many volunteers the process went very smoothly. The construction phase is almost finished – we just need some exterior paint.

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Update Number 7

Part of the floor was replaced in the processing area and drywall installed on ceilings. The retail areas and office have carpet and the bathrooms and break area have vinyl. The break room and cleaning area cabinets are in place plus the finish plumbing fixtures.

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Update Number 6
The Process Continues

The entrance roof has been added along with more windows. Insulation and drywall has been completed in the retail and office areas with paint being added to the main retail area. Still waiting for the weather to complete the roof over the processing area.

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Update Number 5
Continuing to Build

The electrical, HVAC, and plumbing rough-in work has been completed and some insulation has been added. New windows and the entrance doors were also installed. The last frontier, the north processing room, has been gutted and new rafters installed.

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Update Number 4
Beginning to Build

We began the building process by cutting the floor to install plumbing pipes. Next, the carpenters framed the walls and the plumbers and electricians started the rough-in work. The roof-top heating & AC units were framed out and the roof repair work was started.

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Update Number 3
Gutting the Inside

We filled over three big dumpsters and made two trips to the salvage yard. Using volunteers, we removed wallboard, paneling, ceilings, insulation, ceiling joists, wires, pipes, everything from floor to rafters. It was so dirty and dusty we forgot to take many pictures.

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Update Number 2
Demolition Begins

The first step was to remove part of the unwanted building. The southwest corner (the former butcher shop) was in poor condition, had numerous different floor levels, and needed to be demolished. This would also allow space for a level handicap parking area.

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Update Number 1
The Existing Building

September 23, 2013. While the structural part of the building was generally good, there was general deterioration from lack of maintenance and upkeep. The building will need a complete new inside including plumbing, elecrical, and heating/cooling.

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